Born in Greece, studied typography abroad, travelled around. I now live in  Thessaloniki. I’ve published a couple of books in Greek and recently I started writing poetry and short texts in English.

This is not a regular blog. It doesn’t deal with the here today. Or maybe it does, in a sense. Things happening today trigger things that should be long since buried.

All texts, photos and illustrations are done by me, except where otherwise stated. I reserve my copyright on these things out of vanity. Use them if you please, but drop me a line asking before you do.

English is not my mother tongue. So, comments, corrections and critique are welcome. Please be honest, but kind.



Update 01/02/10

I now realise I’m stuck on certain words: brilliant, shining, whisper, numb, shadow, cypress, weapon.

I swim in this language everyday for a couple of hours, much in the same way others go to the gym or spa or therapy.

I realise, of course, that I splash about in a pretty small swimming pool, whereas my fellow writers who have English as their mother tongue swim in a majestic ocean. I marvel, but I’m not jealous. After the pool I take a dive in that other ocean, the one that washed me out on these shores, my home.

Update 11/02/10

More words have emerged: fear, realm, fierce, crow.

I’ve been thinking a lot about cliches and other expected phrases that appear in my writings.  They happen inside me quite naturally, given my limited, or rather curricular, knowledge of the language. I like working around them in my notebooks, but I have decided  that I’m not the one to push forward the English language, discover brilliant new metaphors or uncover any lost but valuable expressions. I want to tell stories, and I will use whatever tools are available to me right now (imagine a now with just a pencil and some paper and whatever you already know).

Update 09/03/10

My  Muse is mad at me  again.

Update 17/03/10

I’m currently  living a poetry I don’t want to write about.

Update 28/05/10

If the current major changes in my  life hadn’t occured more or less naturally, I should have invented them myself.

Update 25/08/10

I’m trying to get back on track. I’m now free to choose any new direction and this freedom is quite confusing.


7 responses to “About

  1. Hello, nice to see/read your thoughts. I will be following your blog :)

  2. Nice to see you Eleni!

  3. Good to see you’re changing discovering new interests, Angelo. I’ll be monitoring your websight for progress. Anna says “helo”.

  4. I followed the bouncing ball here from Read Write Poem. I really enjoyed your poems/blog. I’ll keep a bookmark around and check back as you post. I’ve really needed to up my dosages of Aegean goodness.

  5. Angelos …I hope you’re well I haven’t seen you for a long time send me a sighn of life..

  6. bravo…am proud for you and your work…

  7. Bravo,,, I enjoy them all, and most of all “Ulysses’ return”.

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