Helle’s flight

Poseidon’s eyes are on you

riding his magical offspring

and, maybe stirred by jealousy

or by divine lust,

he beckons.


You dig a pale soft hand

into the golden curls,

squeezing onto your brother with the other

while you turn towards the shore

that was your land.


You try to steal one last glimpse

–your father’s house, a chimney’s smoke,

the grave of your mother, but

that golden ram flies too fast

–Poseidon still beckons.


You know this is no ordinary ride.

It takes away all memories

and leaves behind a gilded trail;

a promise of riches starting all

the bloody give and take.


And in that trail you see the ghosts

of future heroes; murder of children,

burned down walls and untold pain.

Your tears now fill that gilded trail

and to Poseidon you surrender.


Context: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Fleece#Synthesised_plot_synopsis


2 responses to “Helle’s flight

  1. George Konstantinidis

    Poetry is a highly demanding enterprise. It contracts and condenses its meaning to the point that your mind is ready to crack, as you try to reach a conclusion.

    Elli’s flight:
    From the very beginning of the poem, escaping Poseidon’s eyes and look
    on You is not an Option. He beckons.
    The golden ram you are riding flies to fast. And therefore You Surrender… Step by Step.
    First, You squeeze onto your brother.
    Then you try to steal one last glimpse of your past.
    Your father’s house the grave of your mother.
    You know this is no ordinary ride.
    Your mind has been abducted…
    All your memories are gone..
    You are surrounded by ghosts of future heroes
    Bloody promises of riches.
    Burned down walls and untold pain
    Could this be a ride to Hell?
    You tears now fill the gilded trail.
    Your ride to hell grants you only one license:
    To Cry!
    But these are not ordinary tears of fear and anguish
    They are «cathartic» which means that you have «seen…» and that you have «understood…» how valuable life is!

    Thank you Angele!
    And welcome back!!

    catharsis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catharsis

  2. Hello George! Nice to hear from you again!
    This is the story of Frixos and Elli:
    The goddess Nefeli married king Athamas, the son of Aiolos, king of winds. She gave him two children: Frixos and Elli.
    Later on Athamas married another woman – Ino. Ino was very jealous of Nefeli’s kids. She plotted to sacrifice Frixos, but at the last moment, his mother Nefeli sent a magical, flying, golden ram (an offspring of Poseidon’s union with the nymph Theophane). Immediately Frixos, with his sister Elli, jumped on the animal and they flew away. As they approached Propontis Ellie fell and drowned in the sea. This sea was named Ellispontos.
    This is the beginning of a story that continues with the Argonauts retrieving the golden fleece and ends with the destruction of Troy and the death of all prehistoric heroes.

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