Down in history

Noon heat is rising fast

outside the walls of Troy

and there’s quiet in the fields

a silence understandable for men

who witnessed the bad omen;

but what of the birds, the tireless

cicadas on the cypress trees,

the crickets on the grass, the locusts?


Many witnessed the event

–a lonely crow flying inland

just at the break of first light

carrying a living fish gripped in its beak,

dropping it at the main gate

where it squirmed once, twice and then died.

And still there’s quiet in the fields

–rumours are only whispered.


More comes during the day:

dead sheep and stilborn babies,

old springs that spewed forth blood

and trusted wells gone dry.

People now wait for their priests

because they dread Cassandra

might tell them without refrain

they’re going down in history.



One response to “Down in history

  1. Many thanks to Therese L. Broderick for her valuable comments and corrections.

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