Travel Instructions

This dream you had of a young man

who earnestly told you to escape

the numbing shade of fruitless trees

has set you on the road again.


Whatever road you may take

life will always be the longest

so, always take the longest route

and choose the slowest transport.


Treat fear as a close ally

or else he’ll be your master;

when he says no then you must try

and when in doubt consult him.


To better know where you’ve been

drop burning tears on your trail

learning to abandon to regain

then find another path for your return.


Surrender space but defend

always defend your footprint.

To heal, go to places you know;

to know, find the place where you can heal.


Stay if you should but never settle

for now the road is your home.

Keep very few things but keep them close

closer of all that shiny coin for the ferryman.


Think as you must, act as you go

never forget your questions

but fear the lack of answers not

your body knows what you don’t.


Take on that road going outward

as what it is: an inward journey;

it takes a hundred thousand miles

to barely have moved an inch.


3 responses to “Travel Instructions

  1. George Konstantinidis

    Here are the first impressions and thoughts I had, as I carefully read the poem.

    We are on the road again…
    No clear destination… We are prepared for a long journey…
    And we are advised to move slowly…
    This not an ordinary journey… I believe that the poem
    describes the mind’s search (journey) for «Meaning».
    In this journey one should not allow his hesitations (fears and doubts)
    to overpower him. As we move forward, in our search , «learning» is an emotional dual process of «abandon» and «regain» and «returning back» is also a forward movement. Dreams have taught us that «Space» and «Time» can easily be surrendered. On the other hand memories, like «footprints», are always with us, they can heal and also provide hints of truth.
    A mind which is constantly in touch with life can never settle but we should be aware that the journey of life is not endless (the shiny coin for the «ferryman» should always be close at hand!).
    In our long journey, we should not fear the lack of answers to our questions because our body knows what we have not understood yet.
    The last few lines of the poem are very enlightening: Consider the road going outward… as an inward journey! Yes indeed. This is how it should be!!

    Awesome Poem!
    Thank you

  2. Thank you George! Happy travels!

  3. Dear Angel I am reading this poem in a crapy caravan in a farm at northern territory of Australia…for me your poem is an insightful view of what is great and fearful about traveling…every single verse feels like taking one more step closer to self realization, a step closer to “home”…
    I come to believe that if a travel is successful you will never find what you thought you were looking for…but something more meaningfull and important, life is indeed the longest road:)

    I loved every single verse!!

    A novice poet reader, a learning traveler.

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