Unnerving Erwin


Unnerving Erwin


This is what Erwin liked to do:

kept snakes coiled peacefully on his bed

and had black crows in his back yard

that he said were nightingales.

Loved small black flies but said his spiders

loved them more

and fed ’em to them anyways.


Owned three black dogs

missing respectivelly an eye a leg a tail

and in the house crawled naked snails

drawing patterns on black floors and walls

leaving behind them silver trails.


His bed was made of ancient bones

unearthed in earthquakes

and on his shelves were strange jars

-eyes of newts, a vampire tooth,

a witch’s brew and dragon scales.


He only listened to punk rock

and dressed in leather jackets

and smoked unfiltered caporals

a day about three packets.


And this is who dear Erwin was.

“I live with my nightmares”, he once said

“so I won’t be mastered by my fears”.

It was the caporals that got him in the end;

all I can give him now is some words

and now and then some tears.


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