I’ve seeing it coming

They say he’s really smart

he who can see it coming.

Oh, smell the wind

count the stars

watch for the tide

measure the distances

and cast your dice.


When all is set

what was only just coming

is upon you.

But now you find

it’s someone else who forged the deal

your preparation was all in vain

for love is definitely not cooking.


I thought I’d seen it coming

but never understood

it was a notion just as foolish

as of those folks

in Italy’s Heraklia:

they thought they knew

Vesuvius’ desires

and catered for it

only to find it went too far too fast.

Shallow their insight

but deep the lava;

twentyseven meters deep.


One response to “I’ve seeing it coming

  1. George Konstantinidis

    Excellent!!! A masterful, very warm and gentle hint of caution. How smart are we as a species? There is a general believe that we can foresee and therefore handle just about any forthcoming disaster. Yet we are always caught unprepared…

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