Narcissism: My World 2



What better cover than the one

nature has given you with such abundance:

perfect visage, eyes deep green

and lips so full with substance.


You shouldn’t be aware of this

but this you can’t escape

for if it’s mirrors that you need

throwing a stone is all it takes


to show you there’s nothing there

except that demon, vanity

that eats your mind

and leaves your soul empty.


2 responses to “Narcissism: My World 2

  1. Why vanity eats your mind and leaves your soul empty? And so many other things? I just don’t get it. We spent so many years/time trying loving who we are and then that love can leave us empty. What can make us feel better that love our self and treat us a bit selfish other than vanity. Lets come in Peace with vanity after all it is our soul, a demon.

  2. Eleni, I think you are defending knowledge and acceptance of one’s self, not vanity. Narcissism is the love of one’s reflection, the love of idols (Greek: eidola), the fleeting surface.
    Those two poems are in a dialogue with one another. You are right to say the first one reminded you of ad copy. It just doesn’t stand by itself; it awaits a nice logo, a brand to lent it currency.
    The second poem basically concludes the text of the first. If we are to love any bit of ourselves then it’s got to be something that withstands the throwing of a stone, a ripple on the surface.
    At the end, I think, we’ve got to learn to love ourselves for what we are, not what we look like.

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