Narcissism: My World 1


This world was made for me.

God, I am so beautiful!

Gorgeous, refined, skin so smooth and bright.

My feet don’t really touch the ground;

I hover and I glide,

flowers growing on my path

and in my eyes is where the stars all shine.

I am a miracle!

A living proof that beauty exists

for me to be its goddess.

Object of all desire

subject of all discussions;

truth is, substance is only skin-deep

beauty is all that matters.


One response to “Narcissism: My World 1

  1. I guess as a person working for advertising for so many years I just have to associate everything with it. The moment I read those lines I set up a whole ad campaign. Black screen, just the voice and in the end: LOREAL. I know I am spoiling the moment hear but can’t help it.

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