A perfect storm


Photo 2009 by Yiannis Psathas, http://www.thessaloniki360.com

Bright blades tear the sky and touch the sea, but gently; a love affair, maybe, or neurons creating synapses cosmological, something to be remembered when aeons pass and things that once were separated, once again unite.

This storm I watch, for it’s benign enough to enjoy and not be scared. I recognise Zeus telling me his weapon is always two-sided: one side cuts, the other side heals.

I sit and watch and marvel at the way his bright words are always able to cure my fears.


2 responses to “A perfect storm

  1. lovely poem and amazing photo, I love watching storms!

    Sorry it took me so long to come over and comment after you left the link on the Read Write Poem Nature Poetry discussion board.

    The group prompt diary for Read Write Poem is now up and running and the nature Poetry prompt is up today, simply share nature poetry….

  2. Thank you Juliet. I’ll be back at RWP soon.

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